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MK2 was born from a university honours project in 2015 at Adelaide University. Tasked with improving STEM engagement, three mechanical engineering students - Thomas Moyle, Phillip and Thomas Kuys - formed a group that would eventually become MK2 Engineering Solutions. MK2 is Moyle-Kuys-Kuys (pronounced: em-kay-too). Perhaps it could have been PTT or PT2, but MK2 has a ring to it.

The project was a success and won Best Project at Ingenuity 2015, 2nd place at the 2015 eChallange, and the Microsoft Innovation Award. After which the group founded a private company to continue the work. Since then the company has developed, expanded, and continually attempts to create positive impacts wherever possible.




The strength of MK2 is Engineering; particularly microprocessor programming, integrated circuitry, low-energy wireless technologies, API design, and a little web-tech too. Being a relatively young start-up company - the team is passionate to try its hand at anything. Contact us about any projects you may feel appropriate and we can discuss them over a coffee.

PD for Educators

As a by-product through the development of education technologies, MK2 offers on-site Professional Development seminars for secondary schools and teachers. These are primarily focused on STEM, coding, and entrepreneur businesses. To organise a session at your school send us an email at


Stemtap is MK2’s flagship product. It combines leading edge technologies and curriculum matched content to create the ultimate teaching resource for STEM. Stemtap engages students by providing an exciting hands-on learning experience and by giving their teachers the confidence to facilitate a substantial STEM education. To learn more, visit



MK2 is young, innovative, and expanding. If you’re looking to join the fun in the Adelaide start-up scene - we would love to hear from you!

Sought-after Roles

Work Experience

If you just want some work-experience or a student internship in any field, we are happy to bestow our wisdom upon you free of charge. Let us know and we’ll set up an interview.

About Us

Thomas Kuys Thomas Kuys
Co-Founder // Mechanical Engineering

Gwilyn Saunders Gwilyn Saunders
Co-Founder // Software Engineering

Kelly Carpenter Kelly Carpenter
Lead Design // Industrial Design

Liam Buggy

Student Intern // Industrial Designer

Mark Dowd

Education Consultant // MBA, BA, B.Ed, M.Ed


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Our office is located in the Innovation and Collaboration Centre, Level 4 Catherine Helen Spence building, University of South Australia City East Campus.